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What's in my bag

I love "What's in my bag" videos and posts. I watch them so often it's almost as if I can tell when stuff is strategically placed for the video: stuffed animals, kittens, lamps. There's nothing more to say on that so... on with the post! Lately I have been using the same four cross body bags: two are from Forever 21, one is from Claire's and one is from Francesca's Boutique. I think cross body bags are perfect for me, they're so easy to carry around, they're cute, light and small. You wouldn't believe how many things I chose based on the light/small factor: my laptop, phone, tablet, bags, wallet. I hate carrying and lugging around big bags, I used to in high school and collected a few over sized bags that I don't really use for every day wear anymore.
I probably carry around the same things, or a variety of, every day in my bag. I broke it down for you guys.
 My beauty essentials: My lips always have to be moisturized so I carry around a lip balm and lipstick but usually I'll take a Baby Lips tinted lip balm. Two in one! Who could ask for anything better? During the hotter days I make sure that my lip balms have some SPF in them. I never know what my hair will do so I carry a hair tie, bobby pins and compact mirror/brush. In the winter especially I always carry a mini lotion. Be Enchanted from Bath & Body Works smells so soft and pretty. In the summer I replace the lotion with sun screen or tinted moisturizer with SPF. I recently bought The Rocket Mascara and may I say that synthetic bristles are the way to go, no clumping.
My everyday essentials: I bought this cute floral and metallic wallet from Urban Outfitters for only five bucks on sale, score! It's big enough that I can carry whatever cards, coupons, etc that I need and small enough that it takes up little space in my bag. I also always carry around gum and hand sanitizer to stay fresh and clean. I wear contacts and on long days my eyes get dry so I take eye drops. I'm not sure why my keys or a pad aren't in this picture but every girl needs those two items.
My tech essentials: My tablet is so small and handy for taking notes in class or just reading on the quad, it literally saves me from boredom  I always bring my phone everywhere and my charger. I have to have a pair of headphones where ever I go or I feel like I'll go crazy. These are the Aviators by Skull Candy and the sound quality is amazing.

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Alex (▰˘◡˘▰) said...

Wow! Love it! We carry around VERY different items. You'll see!