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DIY Carrie Bradshaw Bag

Do you have a plain or boring bag that you have considered tossing out or just haven't worn lately? Then you've come to the right place. Recently I have been watching The Carrie Diaries which is the prequel to Sex and the City. The Carrie Diaries follows seventeen year old Carrie Bradshaw in 1984 after the loss of her mother and her journeys through Manhattan and her life in Connecticut. There is a scene in the first episode where Carrie's younger sister Dorrit ruins her mother's purse with nail polish after stealing it from Carrie. Carrie decides to make the bag her own and not let a little nail polish ruin it.
I thought this was a fun and super cute way to spice up a plain black purse. I ended up going to Francesca's Boutique and I picked up their Alexandria Compass Bag for $44. I would not recommend purchasing or using an expensive purse (unless you don't mind) because you will be flicking nail polish on it and it might not turn out how you want. For my bag I chose the colors white, red, neon green, rose, pastel lavender, pastel pink and pastel green: you can pick whatever colors you want for your bag. I taped the sides of the bag as well as the clasp in the front with masking tape to protect it from the polish. Before I flicked any nail polish on it I practiced on a black paper bag.
I really like my finished product. I think this is a really fun and easy DIY and it will give you a fun, colorful bag. If you noticed, I did not sign my name on it. I practiced and practiced but it's harder than it looks, for me at least, so I just went with a rose heart.

1 comment:

V. Marie said...

$44 momma? Really. -_-
How the heck did the sister use that much nail polish on a bag by "accident"??