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Forever 21 Eyelash Curler Review

About three months ago I purchased an eyelash curler at Forever 21 through their Love & Beauty line. I thought the eyelash curler was very cute with its rhinestones and teal color and for $3.80 I figured, why not?  It was thin, teal and had rhinestones along the curler. I didn't have one and I thought they all worked the same. Boy was I wrong.
This eyelash curler is very flimsy, loose and poorly made. It is not very wide or curved so it will not be suitable for all eye shapes, it definitely wasn't for mine. The eyelash curler kept pulling and pinching me and instead of curling my eyelashes upward and curved, it made them into an odd and clumped L shape. For a while I was thinking that I just did not know how to curl my own eyelashes. Well today I bought an eyelash curler at Target from the line ELF for only a dollar and the difference was immense. The ELF eyelash curler is sturdy, larger and very curved. When I used it, it curled my eyelashes perfectly without pinching, clumping or that awful L shape. Since the ELF eyelash curler was sturdier and bigger, it helped me grasp my eyelashes without pulling or pinching, it also comes with an extra padding for when you need to change the bottom pad of your curler.

Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler: D-

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