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Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast Review

A while back ago I had a coupon for Cover Girl cosmetics, I decided to buy two of the Smoky Shadow Blast cream sticks. I got one in Bronze Fire and one in Purple Plum. This product has a rounded end for all over the lid color and a slanted end for crease color. I was so excited to try this product, being a fan of stick shadows and thinking the cream eye shadow would be easier to apply and on the stick the colors looked really pretty.
However, I was very disappointed after I tried these on. I can honestly say that this is by far the worst make up product that I have ever bought. EVER. I hate it. I would not recommend it, it was a waste of money. The Smoky Shadow Blast has very little pigment and it is almost impossible to build up color. If you do attempt to build up color, the color that you just applied will smear and fade off. This product also does not last long at all: an hour tops, seriously. It also creases and fades almost immediately and ends up making your eyelids look very greasy. Another thing I noticed is that after a while the slanted tip will round out and you won't be able to create a precise crease color. In my opinion, this is a very low quality product. I tried this product multiple times with and without eye primer and the results were always the same... awful.

Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast: F-


V. Marie said...

Maybe it'll show on ppl with darker pigment? Though they might be allergic to it ;)

Jac O said...

You might. No, the colors smudged and faded fast. I would not recomend them