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DIY Denim and Lace

This weekend I took a trip to a thrift store (Salvation Army) to buy a bunch of mom jeans to turn into personalized high waist shorts. I ended up finding three pairs of jeans, a new over sized sweater and three denim jackets for twenty bucks. After wards I went to Joann's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby (they are all right next to each other where I live). I decided to personalize one of the denim jackets I bought and this is what I came up with.

What you'll need:

1.     Denim Jacket: Sleeveless 
2.     Fabric Glue: make sure it's fabric glue or the material won't hold.
3.     Brads: I got the brads shaped like gold stars.
4.     Scissors
5.     Tweezers
6.     Lace: I cut the lace off of an old skirt of mine.
7.     Paint brush
8.     An hour of your time

I started off by washing and drying the jacket. I then cut the sleeves off of the denim jacket; I cut along the thread so it was neat and without distress. I used my tweezers to slightly pull at the hem of the jacket to create a more distressed look. My jacket had open folds so I had an advantage of using those to position my lace. If your denim jacket is thick enough, you may be able to create your own open folds along the front of your jacket. Using my lace, I cut it into long rectangles and folded it in half and measured along the folds. I cut the excess and glued along the inner edges of the folds and placed the lace inside and glued the outer edges of the folds and pressed it down on top of the lace. Lastly, I stuck my brads along the top of both the front and back boarders and one on each edge of the collar and viola! I'm done.

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