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What is MY body type?

Knowing the body type you are can be helpful, not stressful, when determining what clothes best flatters your shape and curves and which don't. Remembering that girls come in all shapes and sizes is also key.

Petite. Girls with a petite body shape are usually short and lean. Fitted, boot cut jeans will make you look longer and taller. Avoid skinny jeans (they make your legs look short and stumpy) and shirts or sweaters that go past your hips (they swallow your small shape), they make you look shorter than you are. Wedges are always a plus for petite girls; they make your legs look much longer than they are without overly trying.

Long and lean with more on top. If this is your body type then shorts and short skirts and dresses flatter you the best. Making you look even longer and leaner. Avoid puffy jackets which will give you a boxy shape. Remember if you want to highlight what you have on top, you should cover up on the bottom-or vise versa; showing too much can be overly distracting. Try sweetheart dresses, they're flattering and cute on your shape.

Apple. Curves all around. Short sleeve shirts and tunics show off your curves the best. Avoid skinny jeans, which will make you look shorter than you are. Heels will also help you look taller and leaner. Gravitate toward blouses rather than T-shirts. Patterns will also flatter your shape; like stripes. Flouncy skirts are a must.

Small bust. If you have a small bust then tank tops and V-Necks show off your smaller curves the best. Ever head of the bronzer trick? If you really want to create an illusion of cleavage then simply wear a v-neck and apply bronzer on your chest going inward to create the shadow of cleavage; then in the middle add shimmer to highlight it. Avoid crop tops and over the shoulder pieces that will swallow your small frame.
Strawberry. Girls with this body type usually have more curves on top. They should avoid high waisted pants, which tend  to bunch everything up. Halter dresses, like the one Ms. Perry is wearing will flatter your bust. Halters are usually the most flattering--just remember, not too low. Halters will hold everything up and give you shape.

Hourglass. This body shape means you have curves all over with a smaller waist. Bandage styled stresses are flattering. Try blazers or belts that tie at the waist, which flatter your smaller middle. However, avoid bouncy and flouncy skirts which hide your bottom shape. If you do have this shape, pick one asset to show off at a time so you don't look like your putting all of your "goods" on display.
Ruler. Meaning your long and lean all over. If this is your body type then above the knee length pieces will look best, as well as skinny jeans and fitted leather jackets. Avoid floor length dresses, which swallow your frame. Layering can also help show off features on your small frame. Try sticking to colorful clothing and light fabrics.

Curves on the bottom. Whether you embrace it or not, there are different ways of covering up or showing off your backside curves. If you want to give off the illusion of a smaller butt, wear straight leg jeans or boot cut jeans with no design on the back pockets. However, if you want to show off what you have, wear a tastefully short dress (no shorter than your fingertips when your hands are at your sides.) Bandage styled dresses can also help show off your figure. Avoid low cut jeans as well as tight jeans and mini skirts.

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