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Waiting for Spring

2013 is rolling by as February is slowing turning into March... then April, which can only mean one thing... spring! I'm looking forward to shedding my bulky layers of clothes and winter jackets in exchange for denim and skirts but until then I will just have to make due. I recently bought this maroon coat from the sale section of Forever 21 and I think it's so cute! I love it for this inconvenient "is it warm or is it cold out?" weather. I like the detailing on this coat. The peter pan collar and the bow in the back add the right amount of "something" for me... I'm not too sure about the shoulder pads... I guess I don't mind them.
The bag is also from Forever 21, last season, so I don't think it's in stores but it might be online. You can't really tell from the picture but it's just a quilted chain bag in some blue/green pastel color.