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Barbie Syndrome

Barbie was the overall independent girl. She was a doctor, engineer, astronaut, lawyer, mom, vet, pilot, etc, etc, etc. She made all of these accomplishments in heels, a tight outfit, perfectly done make up and put together hair. So what's not to love? I mean, growing up I had 100+ Barbies, they were the only toy I really ever played with and I still love Barbie.
However, you can also see that Barbie has gotten significantly skinnier throughout the years. Compare one of your mom's old Barbies' to one your kid sister has; not that Barbie has ever had a proportionate body. According to recent studies, if Barbie were a real woman she would be around 5' 9'', her measurements would be around 39'' bust/18'' waist/ 33'' hips, would wear size 3 shoes, weigh around 110 pounds and have a BMI of around 16. Barbie would fit into the standards of an anorexic, she most likely would not get her period or have kids and would not be able to stand because of her disproportionate body. Mattle has had many controversies with Barbie. Teen Talk Barbie was said to be unique in phrases, no two would say the same thing.... except for "Math class is hard!" This upset many people and the phrase was removed. Many Middle Eastern countries have banned Barbie and made alternate dolls. 1965's Slumber Party Barbie came with a weight scale set at 110 pounds and with a book titled "How to Lose Weight". The only thing written in the book was "Don't eat." Growing up, many little girls and boys admire Barbie and look up to her; because they're young and think that is what a real woman looks like: everlasting smile, thin, no flaws, a vast variety of clothes and opportunities  Some girls look up to Barbie so much that they end up getting Barbie Syndrome (yes, it exists) where they try to emulate her physical appearance. This can range from hair and make up to plastic surgery. I am not opposed to physical alterations of any kind, to each his own, however Barbie is a very unrealistic ideal to obtain. So unrealistic that it is nearly impossible. 

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