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The Accent Nail

I love the trend of accenting one of your nails. It creative, cute and bold. I think it's best if the accent nail is a color different; as in an opposite color (like blue and orange, pink and green... you get me?), rather than a texture different (i.e. glitter or print).

I also like the idea of accenting the accent nail even more by putting a cute funky ring on it.


Anonymous said...

You're so pretty!

styles of a pharmatrician said...

Cute nails! I like the turquoise and orange combo. Are Deborah Lippmann nail polishes really good? I see many youtube gurus raving about them, but they're a little pricy!


Jac said...

Hey, thanks. Yeah, it comes on real nicely. If you don't want to spend much Sally Hanson also has real good polish, as does L. A. Colors (super cheap)